How to comment on a photo of a friend

How to comment on a photo of a friend Even if you got rid of the bad habit of starting correspondence with “hello, how are you” and deftly k...

How to comment on a photo of a friendHow to comment on a photo of a friend

Even if you got rid of the bad habit of starting correspondence with “hello, how are you” and deftly know how to scribble openers in private, use every opportunity to shoot a girl with charm, intelligence and charisma. Commenting on photos is one way to pump up the muscles of the brain and personal pickup skills. The right comment can move you towards your intended goal faster than most virtuoso correspondence. So…

Eternal classic: a comment in the form of a compliment

“I will praise my enemies and they will become my friends, I will praise my friends and they will become my brothers,” said Og Mandino, an American writer and sales guru. The fact is that people like to be praised, and the person who gives compliments always evokes pleasant emotions. Such is human nature.

Nature is kind, and the girls are now picky. Unless you're Javier Bardem or someone like him, don't even try to leave a mark on the history of her photos with the usual "sexy", "beauty", "cute", "cute", "cute", " space" and "fly away". Approach commenting on photos of beautiful girls on a dating site with the diligence of an applicant who is preparing a dissertation. However, nothing extraordinary needs to be done. Just find a couple of minutes of time and move the convolutions. And, yes, study the comments of competitors in order, firstly, not to repeat yourself and, secondly, to stand out from the crowd.

The content of the comment largely determines the plot of the photo. Do not go into ecstasy from her slender legs when the photo shows a portrait or a waist-length profile. Find real advantages, and better - inconspicuous nuances worthy of praise. Or read how to compliment a girl about her beauty.

A graceful wrist, an attractive ankle, an unusual manicure or good taste in choosing a dress can become a subject of frantic admiration. If you can't find nuance in the photo, write a compliment, as they say, in general. In order not to come out corny, use “strong” words: “You look very sexy”, “What a cheeky look”, and “Sincere and deep girl”.

As for copy-paste, a clumsy but honestly thought-up comment always outperforms even beautiful, but hackneyed templates. Nevertheless, I would venture to offer a couple of elegant blanks - not for the sake of copy-paste, but for inspiration.

  • “I have to call the police. You stole my heart."

  • "Excuse me, what modelling agency do you represent?"

  • “Looking at you, I am convinced that nature is the best artist and sculptor.”

  • "It's so nice to discover naturalness in this artificial world."

  • "There are things that you can look at forever - fire, water and your smile."

  • “You seem fragile and defenceless, but at heart, you are a strong woman. I'm right?

  • “It's good that she wasn't born in the Middle Ages - they would have been burned at the stake for beauty.”

A compliment is an art that combines sincerity, observation and intelligence. The ability to make compliments betrays an intelligent and well-mannered person. And, they say, this type of man is back in fashion. However, the “growing Neanderthal” trend has not yet come out of it, so…

Alternative Approach: Merciless Provocation

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of the "savage" strategy. Especially if the girl is that little thing that you can't break through with a beautiful word about real or imaginary virtues. The tactic of outrageous behaviour works well with the "invincible" - at least more effective than romantic serenades by moonlight. Flapping her curled eyelashes, sipping a pina colada and browsing through a thousand posts with black-and-white photographs and thoughtful quotes, you can get through with merciless nonconformism. Here are examples.

  • “They say it's not boobs that make a girl beautiful… But no, boobs, that's right.”

  • "Why so tense? I know a good way to relax."

  • “With such luxurious forms, you can do without content.”

  • "The perfect combination of impeccable appearance and depraved nature."

  • “The waist, of course, is aspen, but the chest is a hundred pounds fake. Or does it seem to me?

  • “You speak English and Italian, but what about the language in French?”.

  • “Pretty woman, we bet for a hundred, I will invite you to spend the night, and you will refuse.”

And here she is sitting all so cool, reading snotty breaths, cultivating her self-esteem, and here you are. You descend from heaven to earth. You put it in the knee-elbow position. And instead of the nightingale trills “for the sake of such a girl, you can move mountains,” you give a weighty slap on a delicious ass. A modern woman needs a brutal man, not a hipster. However, it doesn't work with everyone. There are subtle and spiritual natures, who do not think about the knee-elbow position but read the classics.

Through the lips of the great: when in the head - roll a ball

It happens in the head - peace and quiet, and the girl needs to be picked up so that they are not taken away. Nothing better than a capacious quote, where beautiful words are burdened with a deep philosophical meaning, has yet been invented for online seduction. Drop in the comments to the photo of one of these (or find another).

  • "The Genius of Pure Beauty" (Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin).

  • "Strength conquers strength, beauty conquers all" (Lope de Vega).

  • “A beautiful woman cannot have flaws” (Friedrich Schiller).

  • “A beautiful face is a silent recommendation” (Francis Bacon).

  • “This is her custom: Beauty is always right” (Babur Zahir ad-din Muhammad).

Thus, in writing comments on photographs, you can go at least three ways - politely give a compliment, cheekily pry, or use the help of the classics. Choose a springboard for training on the rating page of dating sites - and improve your epistolary style, with which you can significantly reduce the financial investment in picking up a girl. A good word costs nothing, but it is highly valued. good luck!

You can learn how to pick up girls at the best pickup courses for men.

A collection of beautiful compliments for a friend (100 options), designed to be placed under the photo. They can also be used for absolutely no reason, just like that. The words are written in prose, for those who want to express pleasant things in their own words. All names are used only for the convenience of presentation, do not forget to replace them with the one you need.

If you want to say something pleasant even more briefly, in one word, then the list of flattering words (the largest on the net) for a girl is also on our website. And if you need words that characterize her as a good person, then there is a separate collection for this.

Texts of gratitude for friendship can also be found in a large selection.

  1. Your charm is unusual - an incredible mixture of European chic with oriental mystery.

  2. Natasha, you are a real lady and a walking pheromone at the same time.

  3. You are the brightest star in the path of every person who meets you.

  4. Knowing you is my great fortune in life.

  5. Svetlana, in this photo it is very noticeable that you are a deep personality, and not just a beauty and a charmer.

  6. One has only to see this photo, as it is immediately clear that this person in front of you is something special, rare and unforgettable.

  7. Even being glowy suits you. In this image, you look bewitchingly dangerous, insidious and insanely alluring.

  8. "Grey mice" will lose sleep when they see this photo. It is impossible not to envy such blatant, alien charisma and energy.

  9. In this photo, the eyes turned out to be especially expressive: transparent, radiant, shining. They go straight to the heart.

  10. Passionate, powerful and charming woman! Such a girl must be appropriate to be next to her.

  11. Your versatility never ceases to amaze. I see you romantic and gentle, then suddenly - temperamental and hot ... and in this photo, you turned out to be completely adventurous.

  12. You must be a witch. And your eyes are magical, and - thoughts, and - views on life. Not a girl, but a witch's potion.

  13. Girls are different, but your main feature is that you leave no one indifferent, friend. And that's great.

  14. You are amazingly skillful at emphasizing both character and femininity. Trying to learn from you, dear.

  15. Oh, you've always had a lot of eroticisms, but here you have a lot of luxury interspersed with the abyss of erotica.

  16. Breed, nobility, grace ... Len, you are a very dear girl and you should know about it.

  17. Sexuality is not something that everyone is trying to show. This is something that cannot be hidden. And you have it in abundance, Katya. What is there ... she just brazenly climbs out of you even if you put on burlap and wrap yourself in a veil.

  18. Your decisions, even in the photo, are always very bold. As are you! That always fascinates me about you, friend.

  19. Looking at your pictures, every guy will want to conquer you.

  20. Your talent to smile when it's hard - amazes me and commands respect.

  21. That's when you look like that - any man will lose his mind, believe me.

  22. I feel like my life has been successful. Because she has a friend like you!

  23. Your soul is as beautiful, pure and bright as your outstanding appearance.

  24. You are the most selfless, bright, positive and dear person on Earth, my friend!

  25. You are the best friend in the world. Real! Thank you for keeping so many of my secrets. I can't imagine my life without you.

  26. Even if we fall in love with the same guy, it won't ruin our friendship...because I'll give it to you!

I'm glad I have such a resourceful friend. You have amazingly out-of-the-box thinking, full of original ideas. Communication with you cannot be exchanged for any other buzz.

When I feel sad and gloomy, I look into your sparkling eyes, they always bring me back to life without fail. You are the magic pill of immortality.

Olya, you are just a fountain of cheerfulness, energy, freshness and love of life.

You know, it's impossible to leave your orbit. There is such an atmosphere of kindness, warmth and love around you ... Therefore, all people are drawn to you.

Once seeing you like this - a night without sleep is provided to anyone.

Well, how sweet are you!

Looking at you, every man has only one thought in his head: “Nature knows how to create masterpieces!”

You don't need to try on other people's images, pull on what doesn't suit you and adapt to someone, friend. Because you are perfect, unique and extraordinary. For people like you, let others adapt, copy and discuss every step.

You are a constant metamorphosis.

You have a refined taste, so I believe your opinion and in these photos, you proved once again that I am not mistaken about you.

You are so cute that it is impossible to be angry with you for a long time.

Your culinary skills are unique, and gastronomic experiments are always successful. If I were a man, I would already be standing near your door with a ring on my knees.

Girlfriend, such a pedantic, impeccable, luxurious hostess is no longer found in the whole world. Promise that you will not deprive me of your goodies - no sane person can live without them.

You know how to take a photo that touches the soul.

It seems to me that you were simply born to evoke the strongest emotions in people. Thanks to this ability, you cannot be forgotten!

You are a walking, outspoken and straightforward aphrodisiac.

Today you are insinuating, vague and promising... A mesmerizing image.

Irishka, your aura, energy is my drug. And not only mine. And stopping using it is impossible. Promise you'll take care of yourself! I can't find another potion like this if something happens to you.

An understandable, predictable and resigned woman is definitely not about you. A girl like you will make anyone's blood boil.

Oh, here it is clearly seen that not a companion for the goddess is suitable for you, but a servant of the witch.

You are strong, brave, wise and luxurious... You have everything to be happy and you will become it. I believe in you!

What a sweet little chocolate you are. Someone will drool to the knees very soon.

You can't leave anyone indifferent, this is your "se la vie" and it's great.

I am glad that you decorate my life, bring pepper to it and make it boil. Only with such a friend you feel alive.

I give you the title of Mega Lady today. You deserve it.

I am sure that not only men's wallets but also hearts will tremble from you.

My dear, our friendship is an elixir of good luck and luck. Thank you for being around.

This photo told me that my purest diamond finally had a decent setting. Congratulations on this useful acquisition.

Even if you are all hung with all the gold at once, then even then it will be impossible to call you tasteless.

You definitely don't need to use a love spell, pheromone perfumes, magic powders and other slag to attract attention. You are a concentrate of all the best in a girl. And the main thing for me is your ability to make friends.

It is from you that I learn to spit on conventions and live by my own rules. Thank fate for giving me such a friend!

In this photo, it is especially obvious that you are not only beautiful but also smart.

Impeccable taste, memorable style and a sea of ​​charm. I love your photos.

How do you manage to look so fantastic, as if you spent the whole day at the beautician and stylist?

You look like a million.

If a girl is beautiful, then she has many admirers. If she is also smart, then they will talk a lot about her. But if she is also charming, then she turns into a legend. Girlfriend, you have already reached the highest level and will soon become a legend.

You have a very piercing, simply magical look.

In this photo, you are the real you.

Yes, not only men will want you, but also women. I admire.

You look amazing and carry yourself well.

Very sexy, just mesmerizing.

Yummy. So tempting that even I salivate, even though I'm not a guy.

Here you are as beautiful as a movie star.

I look at you happily and I become happy. Thank you for being positive, my friend.

You yourself are like the sun and shine in the photo too. Thank you for lighting up my life, dear.

How slim. Just a fashion model. I'm proud of you.

Even the photo broadcasts your charm, warmth and kindness. That's what it means - a beautiful girl.

In any form and mood, you look gorgeous in photographs. Even the camera loves you!

It's impossible not to admire you. You are an icon of style, beauty and charm.

Your photos are always highly charged with your amazing energy, I recharge from you like a battery. Thank you for the inspiration.

Your photos will motivate anyone to exploit, even a lazy person like me. You are unique.

Tuned girls cry when they see nature like yours. And most importantly - all your own.

The hair is just unreal. Like from the cover of a magazine.

I will give you a charm from the evil eye. To protect such beauty and talent. You definitely need him.

And all this beauty without a gram of silicone, Botox, plastics, hair extensions and teeth. Yes, you are just a fantastic girl.

I am proud of such a friend and never get tired of learning from you optimism, charm, love of life and independence.

Probably the second such self-sufficient person as you does not exist.

You have enough energy for ten. Even your photo charges me with goodness.

It's impossible not to admire your radiant eyes.

Here you turned out exactly as in life: sincere and extraordinary.

An extraordinary person like you cannot be overlooked. You are very catchy!

Your pictures are more beautiful than the covers of fashion magazines.

Every time it seems to me that you have nowhere else to improve, you surprise me again and again demonstrate a new, better version of yourself. How do you do it?

In this photo, it is very striking that you are creative and talented.

I am proud that I was lucky to be friends with such a self-sufficient, extraordinary and creative person like you.

Your photos are direct evidence of your uniqueness. In them: angelic beauty, inexhaustible cheerfulness, blatant femininity and off-scale sexuality.

You are literally fascinated with mystery and femininity. A femme fatale… what else can I say.

Girlfriend, I get high from you more than your suitors ... you are magical.

You look like a fairy tale mermaid.

You look very elegant.

The figure is simply stunning. Your work inspires great respect in me and deserves it.

Looking at you is a pure aesthetic pleasure.

Hello! Miss - a dazzling smile!

Previously, I did not understand when they write about someone - "a brilliant person." Having made friends with you, I fully realized that a brilliant person is you.

Aggregator of advice and knowledge on the web

Social networks are very popular these days. Its users actively share their travels, pastimes, hobbies and everything that happens to them almost every day. You need to be able to respond to this with some kind of attention-grabbing phrase.

How to figure out what to write to a girl?

If you make up your own mind but have been thinking about it for about an hour, then try to analyze the tastes of the girl, and her interests. And if these topics are also well known to you, then epithets, metaphors, and intricate rhymes will flow like water. If such information is not available to you, then use your knowledge.

Draw an analogy between her appearance and heroines from mythology, movies, books, etc. Just do not overdo it with turns, otherwise, your words will sound extremely ridiculous.

List of beautiful phrases for a comment

Knowing that you are impressing someone is very nice. In addition, it inspires and raises self-esteem. After reading a couple of not hackneyed compliments addressed to her, the girl will undoubtedly take a closer look at the person who wrote the capacious but unusual praise.

Below are statements that will help your goal:

  1. Some sorcery! No matter how you post a photo, all sorrows and experiences are immediately carried away, probably your appearance has magical abilities;

  2. Beauty will save the world, it was said a long time ago, but it is being celebrated only now. Keep saving the planet!;

  3. The best masters of canvas and stone in the history of the fine arts could not capture anything that would surpass the majesty of your grace;

  4. Instagram developers are obliged to introduce a new feature: the infinity of hearts for the most amazing girl in the world;

  5. One pleasure to see such an elegant, graceful lady with a penetrating gaze;

  6. Magnetic charm, breathtaking, how good you are;

  7. Ad! The media has declared an emergency! Everyone was mesmerized by some mysterious beauty in this shot;

  8. Perfection is about you;

  9. You have a gift for skillfully presenting yourself, always from the best side;

  10. She sunk deep into my thoughts with her luxurious image;

  11. More irresistible than Nefertiti herself, more majestic than Cleopatra, more charming than Roksolana. This is a phenomenon! historical superiority;

  12. There are over a billion stars in the firmament, but among them, you shine with a special glow;

  13. The captivating abyss of the eyes, in which you can dissolve without a trace;

  14. Like an oasis in the desert, it seems that there is simply no such miracle, but it gives freshness;

  15. You are worthy of all colours, all the pearls of the deep sea and boundless love;

  16. You seem to have escaped from Olympus? Admit it, you are Aphrodite?;

  17. You know it's not good to break the law. In all the constitutions of countries, such beauty is prohibited;

  18. Such a person is able to decorate with herself everything that you look at and touch: clothes, place, people, my existence;

  19. real fairy! Fragile, light, so airy;

  20. These arms, these legs, these lines are the crown of creation! Grace for the artist-sculptor;

  21. Your profile is a paradise for all mankind;

  22. Princess berry - sweetness itself!

  23. The winners of beauty contests will die of envy when they see you;

  24. The rarest enchantress, like a bewitching lotus flower;

  25. Your reflection, cheerfulness and charm, as a vital necessity;

  26. There was a feeling that I needed to go through the tape, and for good reason: you have another photographic masterpiece, and you, as always, are the best on it.

150 more comments-compliments for a photo of a girl

  1. And everyone says that Angels don't take pictures...

  2. Can this photo be my favourite?

  3. Has anyone told you that your photograph is not a photograph, it is the best, most beautiful thing you can see!

  4. Thanks to you, I know what happiness looks like.

  5. God with unheard of generosity endowed you with all the best external data, you are just a goddess!

  6. Just a bomb, which contains a charge of seduction!

  7. Next time we will be photographed together, I want to be next to the future star!

  8. You are incredibly positive. You are a real energy boost!

  9. It's so nice to discover naturalness in this artificial world.

  10. In this world, God created only two beautiful creatures - the earth and you.

  11. Great and mighty is the English language. But there are not enough words to express how great you look!

  12. Apparently, it doesn't matter who is taking pictures, it is important who is being photographed!

  13. Attention! You are surrounded by love! I suggest you give up.

  14. It's always summer around when I see you.

  15. Now, if I were also in this photo, it would turn out to be the best family photo in the world.

  16. Everything perfect is simple and vulgar. You are mysterious and unapproachable.

  17. The genius of pure beauty (Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin).

  18. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and it seems that your soul is beautiful!

  19. Looking at you, I am convinced that nature is the best artist and sculptor.

  20. They say that Angels cannot be photographed… But what about you?

  21. Even with a disgruntled face, you have chic!

  22. Girl, you are very beautiful, and beautiful girls need to be multiplied ...

  23. Girl, if we lived in the Middle Ages, then for such beauty you would be burned at the stake ...

  24. I want to touch you, like a rare jewel hidden behind glass and accessible only to the eye.

  25. If there was a competition for the most beautiful female photo, you would be awarded first place.

  26. If your photo was shown to the world in the nineteenth century, then everyone would think that they were a queen!

  27. If you show your photo to strangers, they will confidently say that you are a famous model.

  28. If you let me, I'll put your photo in a frame, I just can't get enough of it!

  29. If I steal your photo, will you be offended?! It's just that in my opinion this is a real treasure, and the expensive one needs to be kept nearby!

  30. There are things that you can look at forever - fire, water and your smile.

  31. Femininity is what you are made of!

For lovers of poetry

If you are sure that she loves poetry, feel free to rhyme the emotions that you experienced while looking at her freshly published post.

If you are not a skilled versifier, then here is a small selection to help you:

that free sparkle in the sky,

Magical like my dreams

After all, I only dream of you!

  • I haven't met anyone like you

Since then, my dreams about you!

  • With a pretty face, a nice smile,

That lights the way like a star

Princess from a fairy tale with a slender figure,

Conquers me always without difficulty!

  • Like a muse, you inspire

Every photo makes you feel better!

  • My inspired sculpture

You are the mystery of the universe!

  • In your arms, I want to forget

Listen to the whisper of the heart every time

Just can't wait to fall in love with you

And drown in the water of bottomless eyes!

  • Tender face, stately posture

You will drive everyone crazy!

  • I look at you and listen to verses,
    After all, I am fascinated by your eyes!

  • Your eyes are always beckoning

Your eyes are charming.

  • anyone in this world confirms

Your face is illuminated by everyone nearby.

If she loves books

It doesn't matter what literature she prefers to read: classics or fantasy, or maybe detective stories - such a girl will always appreciate the high style of her subscriber. Use quotes or aphorisms from famous writers and poets.

  • I watch your account every day, because it is simple and modest, and as Francis Bacon said, the simpler the beauty, the more precious it is;

  • Estee Lauder has an expression: “The most beautiful face is yours,” I swear, he said about you;

  • Graceful as Juliet. You outshine the rays of the torch, you shine so brightly. Now, for sure, I did not see beauty until then;

  • And yet the genius of pure beauty exists, but I did not believe;

  • As if Elena the Beautiful, a true relative of the eternal goddesses, no matter how the war starts, otherwise another great city will perish;

  • Like Arwen, she came to Earth, and beauty returned to her with you (such a comparison will appeal to a lover of the work of the fantasy writer Tolkien).

Compliment for a friend on Instagram

It's no secret that women often exchange pleasantries among themselves. If you are thinking about how to respond under a photo of your girlfriend so that it is original and, to some extent, funny and fun, then this section is for you.

  • I open Insta, and then my beauty blinds me, that's how not to adore you!;

  • Not a day without you, my dear, I want even more of your photos!;

  • The bomb is not at all a time bomb, just look, it immediately strikes you with your irresistibility;

  • What are you doing that is not a photo, then a bomb explosion of delight on a universal scale !;

  • Brilliantly charming as always!;

  • Queen, Queen, Empress, Sultana! Give her all possible existing titles!;

  • Even stand, even fall, you fight on the spot;

  • If I were a man, it would be yours from head to toe;

  • Adorable, don't miss out!

  • Aren't you ashamed to kill everyone here with your stunningness?

And by the way, don't forget emoticons and emoji, it adds emotionality to your comment.

Writing beautiful comments on a girl's Instagram photo is not an easy task, by reading the above statements, you will be able to overcome any difficulties that come your way in the way of your imagination. You can please a girl with prose, rhyme and identification with the most excellent women from the heritage of world culture. With such an armament of extraordinary sentences or poetic lines, you have an almost one hundred percent guarantee that you will be interested.



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Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels: How to comment on a photo of a friend
How to comment on a photo of a friend
Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels
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