Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know about the update

Android 13 Tiramisu, the Italian dessert with coffee and cream flavour that has become popular all over the world and that would now be the hallmark..

Android 13 TiramisuAndroid 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know about the update

The new Android 13 "Tiramisu" is coming and we bring you everything we know, what has been leaked and what the segment expects from the new version of Google's operating system, which will arrive on the market by 2022. Although the stable version of Android 12 has just reached many devices, including the Google Pixel, the truth is that it is expected for the first quarter of 2022 that the beta tests of Android 13 will begin.

Certainly, everything will start with the annual conference for developers, at which time the company of the great G shows the first details of what Android 13 "Tiramisu" will be, however, the Material You of Android 12 is quite recent, in fact, the version Android 12L for foldable devices keeps the same spirit, only adapted to these types of screens, however, we are going to take a walk through what we already know will happen in 2022 with this operating system.

Android 13 release

For now, there is no official release date for Android 13, especially since it was only in the last quarter of 2021 that the stable version of Android 12 was announced. However, we can appeal to the timeline of previous announcements and we can wait that the stable version of Android 13 appears on the market in the last three months of 2022, although there will be some previous phases for certain users.

The developer beta will be the first approach with Android 13. The Developers Preview appears every year and both developers and users with compatible devices (Google Pixel) will be able to test this version prior to the definitive one with many functions that will be implemented in the future, but that will be improved and corrected the many errors that can be present.

This first build of Android 13 should be available before March 2022, something that is expected given that the Android 11 and Android 12 developer program started in the exact same month: February, something that could be repeated again with this new version.

The novelty for this previous version for developers with Android 13 is that it could be extended to other devices outside of Pixel, being able to update directly through the Android update system. You must take into account that these test versions are not recommended for daily use devices, since they contain many errors and can cause performance problems, since many of their functions are under development, so if you want to try it, it is better to wait until the third compilation so as not to have a hard time.

What is known about Android 13 Beta?

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

Along with the Android 13 beta, it is expected that different manufacturers will begin testing their own customization layers with certain users so that the developers themselves can migrate services and applications, but as we pointed out before, they are not stable versions and therefore, Therefore, it is not recommended to install them on mobile phones of average users.

The first or second build of Android 13 Developers Preview should coincide with Google I/O 2022.

The ideal time to test the Android 13 beta on non-expert phones is when platform stability is achieved, meaning the SDK and NDK APIs, app interaction, and interface have reached their maximum level of implementation and the root will not be modified anymore, that happens with the latest version before the final announcement, which due to the behaviour of recent years should happen in the month of August 2022, that is, a couple of months before the definitive version.

The final version of Android 13 would be announced the first week of October 2022 and usually coincides with the launch of the new Pixel, it is also available as an update for the phones of this series first, then it arrives progressively with the others. manufacturers. The definitive version of Android 13 is then expected to arrive officially with the Pixel 7.

Devices that will be compatible with Android 13

As you can imagine, at least at first, not all phones will be compatible with Android 13, but to the extent that your device is of a newer generation, you will have a better chance of being on the list for the new version, however, you can expect it to arrive on your mobile if you received Android 12.

Officially, Google has its list of terminals that will receive Android 13, both in the Beta versions and in the official and definitive version, so we leave you the list:

  1. Pixel 6

  2. Pixel 6Pro

  3. Pixel 5

  4. Pixel 5a (5G)

  5. Pixel 4

  6. Pixel 4XL

  7. Pixel 4a

  8. Pixel 4a (5G)

As for other manufacturers, you could have Android 13 with a Samsung device if the phone is less than three years old on the market, but especially if it is a recent high-end or mid-range terminal, which is the time that the company promises for updates.

Surprisingly, LG would also have a list of devices from its firm that will receive Android 13, although its mobile division has closed permanently, but will continue to offer support for at least a new year.

In the case of OnePlus, we will see that the high-end phones and terminals of the last year will have the new version of Android 13, although the list could be extended a little more to the mid-range after the stable version of the operating system is announced.

Let's remember that the update and the list of terminals that receive it does not depend on Google, but on the manufacturers who decide to update their custom interface and on which devices they want to do it, so this list will probably be expanded throughout the year until the final announcement. from Android 13.

Android 13 "Tiramisu" will that be the name?

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

Android, since its launch, always had a dessert in its name that distinguished it, something that happened officially until Android 9 Pie and from version 10 they only refer to the version number.

However, in the internal code name of the company they continue to refer to desserts and apparently, this time it is Android 13 Tiramisu, the Italian dessert with coffee and cream flavour that has become popular all over the world and that would now be the hallmark of a mature version 13 of Android.

To remember a little and move on to nostalgia, we are going to see a summary with the names that Android has received since it was announced.

  1. Android 1.5: Cupcake

  2. Android 1.6: Donut

  3. Android 2.0: Eclair

  4. Android 2.2: Froyo

  5. Android 2.3: Gingerbread

  6. Android 3.0: Honeycomb

  7. Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

  8. Android 4.1: Jelly Bean

  9. Android 4.4: KitKat

  10. Android 5.0: Lollipop

  11. Android 6.0: Marshmallow

  12. Android 7.0:Nougat

  13. Android 8.0: Oreo

  14. Android 9: Foot

  15. Android 10: Fifteen Tarts

  16. Android 11: Red Velvet Cake

  17. Android 12: Snow Cone

  18. Android 13: Tiramisu

These last four have only been used internally, but are not part of the marketing of the version.

What's new in Android 13

Android arrives in each new version with enough new features to justify its announcement, some very large and robust, others more subtle, but finally, new features always arrive to improve what has been available until now and Android 13 will not be the exception.

We could clearly see this when Android 12 was announced, a version that completely revolutionized the design, in addition to including many features in the user interface that improved performance, so no less is expected from the new version to emerge in 2022, although don' Don't expect a big redesign compared to what we've already seen from Android 12.

However, the most profound changes of Android 13 could be in the functions and that is precisely what we will talk about now.

Multi-user NFC payments

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

Android has long supported multiple users on the same device, so it is not unreasonable that several functions are adapted to this feature, one of them and very important, are multi-user NFC payments that could finally be seen in this new version of Android 13.

Until now, even in Android 12, NFC payments are reserved for the main user and the rest of the profiles have access only to local tools, limiting operation on shared equipment, for example.

According to a confirmation from AOSP Gerrit, this NFC function could be official in Android 13, in this way several people could have their payment methods enabled within the same device and to use it, it will be enough to change the profile. For now, it is an early-stage proposal that might not make it to the end of the race.

Native support for DNS over HTTPS

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

Another novelty in Android 13 would be the incorporation of native support for DNS over HTTPS. Android currently only supports DNS over TLS, more commonly known as DoT. A code change in AOSP suggests that with Android 13, support for DoH DNS over HTTPS will be added. DoT uses TLS to encrypt DNS traffic, while DoH uses HTTP or HTTP/2 protocols, which gives it a slight advantage in terms of privacy and in short, your browsing on Android 13 could be more private.

Disable background app throttling

With the arrival of Android 12, a new background application limiter was introduced called PhantomProcessKiller, which is basically a very aggressive background process killer. When you're an advanced user you probably don't want the system to kill your background processes automatically, especially when there's no compromise on RAM and battery.

Google seems to have seen this detail and for this reason, they will implement a kind of switch so that you can enable or disable the background process limiter as you like and thus in Android 13 you can choose whether or not it will still be available on your mobile.

Currently, this feature has been pushed in a patch to AOSP which adds the switch in Developer Options to disable background killer monitoring, so it will probably be a major feature in Android 13.

Full support for Bluetooth LE Audio

With the arrival of Android 12, the necessary base for the support of Bluetooth Low Energy Audio was incorporated, a new standard for the transmission of low power audio through Bluetooth. For now, there is no full support for BLE audio streaming in Android, something that will possibly change in Android 13 given the updates received in the Android open source project and which suggests full support for the standard.

Google plans to add a type of LC3 codec for Bluetooth A2DP, this means that the Low Complexity Communications Codec will be added, a high-quality and low-power audio codec that promises to offer good quality audio through Bluetooth LE. This is quite an important step since the st standard was only used for data transmission and not for audio transmission.

Applications with different languages

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

According to some leaks, Google is working on a new feature codenamed Panlingual that allows users to set different languages ​​for each app. This will allow multilingual users to use certain applications in specific languages ​​and for this people will find a new option in Languages ​​and input called Application languages, where you can apply a specific desired language to each application.

As this is a development feature, it will likely have some changes and modifications until its final arrival in Android 13, however, it is not a crazy feature. Let's remember that some apps already allow you to change the language within their own configuration menu, as is the case with Google Maps, but the proposal goes beyond Android applications, allowing a controller to be created for third-party applications.

Runtime permission for notifications

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

Another novelty that would come with Android 13 has to do with notifications. Many users are annoyed by receiving too many unwanted notifications on their mobile in some apps, some can even send you promotional notifications and end up being a kind of spam.

With Android 13, new runtime permission called “Post Notifications” would be added that will allow notifications to be regulated. This means notifications could become an optional feature in Android 13 and you can adjust them in each app's settings to your liking.

Users will be able to choose whether they want an app to send a notification to their devices, such as location permissions or access to the camera or microphone when it first requests permissions when setting up a new app.

New clock designs on the lock screen

Image - Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know

One aspect of appearance that you will surely like in Android 13 is the redesign of the clock on the lock screen. Until now, the Android clock was located in a fixed position on the lock screen, although some customization layers such as One UI modified it a bit, now in the new version of Android, this will change.

Currently, the clock is displayed with a huge font in the center of the lock screen in Android 12 and the moment notifications arrive, the clock changes to the top left corner of the screen in a single line.

Android 13 is expected to have the option to change the clock style on the lock screen and change the default layout.

It's possible that this feature will arrive first in Android 12L, so we'd have a chance to preview what's coming next in the Android 13 watch, allowing you to change the style, size, and other options.

Details on performance and battery usage issues are expected to be released in the coming months to further optimize resources in an adaptive manner based on the capacity of each device on which the OS version resides. We will keep updating on what we know about Android 13 Tiramisu.



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Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels: Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know about the update
Android 13 "Tiramisu": everything we know about the update
Android 13 Tiramisu, the Italian dessert with coffee and cream flavour that has become popular all over the world and that would now be the hallmark..
Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels
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