All About Royal Jelly: Contraindications, Benefits, Uses and Origin

Royal jelly offers various benefits for different parts of the body, due to its effects on cell renewal in the skin, bones and nervous system.

All About Royal Jelly

Whoever considers royal jelly as a superfood with extensive medicinal properties and highly nutritious is not mistaken. Royal jelly, as natural food, has many properties that are related to the control of hormonal production, an important invigorating action on physical and mental functions.

Royal jelly offers various benefits for different parts of the body, due to its effects on cell renewal in the skin, bones and nervous system.

Its composition is rich in nutrients, among them are several vitamins and minerals. Royal jelly is made by bees and is used to prevent and cure certain common diseases, it is used as a raw material for cosmetics, it is the main beauty secret that works as an anti-ageing product.

Origin of royal jelly


Royal jelly is the only food produced for the queen bee. Worker bees consume them only during their first days of growth. While the worker bee lives for a few weeks, the queen bee lives for several years.

This natural food has been of great interest for years, it was also covered by the rulers of ancient China who attributed it to giving sexual vigour and longevity to those who consumed it on a regular basis. Royal jelly was also used in Egypt and Greece.

Many recognized personalities in history were treated exclusively with royal jelly, since then its use and the good results obtained in some of the areas of natural medicine have been evidenced.

In current times, advances in beekeeping techniques have resulted positive in the production of royal jelly and its widespread consumption around the world. Some processes to improve its storage and increase its properties have come to obtain freeze-dried royal jelly, but this would be another topic to be discussed.

What really is royal jelly?


It is a dense substance with a yellow hue and an intense flavour, somewhat acidic that is produced by bees through their hypopharyngeal glands that those younger worker bees have on their heads. The process takes between 5 and 15 days to produce it, a product of the mixture of stomach secretions.

Royal jelly has so many concentrated nutrients because it is used as food by the bees themselves, covering their development in different phases of their growth.

Beyond that beekeeping techniques are applied for the productive purposes of honey, the process does not involve humans directly, everything will depend on the work of the bees, so it remains a 100 natural product.

Nutritional properties of royal jelly


Treating the nutritional properties of royal jelly would be a long job, they are very broad, to the point of being considered a superfood. We can say that it is composed of water in a large percentage. It contains carbohydrates, that is, those natural simple sugars such as glucose, maltose and fructose.

It also has proteins with a large number of protids. It is rich in amino acids and vitamins of group B, which together with folic acid and the group of vitamins A, C, D and E form a nutritious arsenal ready to benefit our body.

It is generally used as a food that will help you prevent infections. It has powerful antibiotic effects and other nutritional properties that improve the defences that are part of the immune system. If the immune system remains strong, it will make your body avoid contracting certain diseases or face them, preventing the symptoms from worsening, recovering in a short time.

These properties prevent the natural wear of cells that cause premature ageing. That is the reason why it is used as a raw material to make some cosmetic items, although it is also believed that it works to place it directly on the part to be revitalized.

As for minerals and trace elements, it contains iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Their functions in cells are varied, they directly intervene in the health of the body and its proper functioning.

Despite being healthy and natural, it also accumulates fatty acids, but in a balanced and healthy amount. The fatty acid present has the ability to enhance learning while stimulating neuronal cells, which provides the ability to naturally fight Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Benefits of royal jelly for your health


Royal jelly is food well known to all, it may never be missing at home and it is always recommended to treat any disease. But do you really know its true benefits? Not all-natural products have so many properties that they could help you overcome some diseases at the same time that it works as a very complete food.

You would believe that, just by consuming this food, the queen bee exceeds 4 years of life while the rest of the bees will live a few months. We humans take advantage of the same nutritional capacity, unlike we combine it with other types of food that complement a balanced diet.

Clearly, royal jelly is distinguished by the wide variety of health benefits, due to the complex chemical structure of royal jelly. The direct benefits of consuming royal jelly are:

  • Provide enough energy to avoid fatigue. Its high energy load makes it a food that stimulates vitality that is expressed through energy, making people more lively and overcome any decline that focuses on the lack of energy.

  • Strengthens the immune system that is responsible for preventing diseases and fighting external infections.

  • It has broad benefits for the skin, helping to regenerate injured tissues. It heals wounds where they have direct contact with royal jelly, it also protects against infections due to its antiseptic properties. It is widely used to place on the face when you have a lot of acne, it recovers it in a very short time.

  • Stimulates the proper functioning of the nervous system, increases oxygenation of the brain, improves analysis, memory and cognitive ability. There are many effects that royal jelly has on the nervous system and the brain, improving their joint functioning.

  • Improves the condition of the skin, hydrating and recovering elasticity, delaying ageing. The production of collagen is one of the effects that it causes, returning the natural elasticity of the skin that will make it look fresh and healthy, practically inhibiting ageing.

  • Its cosmetic uses have led royal jelly to the preparation of creams, lotions and other products for cosmetic purposes for the skin. Fighting wrinkles and expression lines on the face is the effect that is being exploited.

  • Helps metabolic processes, stimulates fertility and growth of children. As mentioned above, it is a very complete food with sufficient contributions of nutrients and energy to promote growth and development in children, in addition to the rest of the health benefits.

  • It helps to normalize blood pressure, it is antiviral, with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Its antibiotic effect is born from substances contained in royal jelly, which, after regular intake, inhibit the growth of microorganisms that cause various diseases and infections in the body.

  • It normalizes the endocrine system, as well as blood pressure due to expanding blood vessels. Improves the lymphatic system by stimulating uterine blood flow.

  • Regulates and normalizes cholesterol. It is well known that cholesterol allows the blood to be loaded with fats that will end up causing blood pressure problems and heart disease. Royal jelly causes an anti-cholesterol effect in patients with unbalanced triglyceride and cholesterol values.

Medicinal uses of royal jelly


Royal jelly is a natural compound produced by bees, which from clinical research has confirmed that it is significantly used with success in different diseases and for health.

In European and temperate-zone countries, it is common for common illnesses such as colds and flu to come with it after the onset of winter. One of the solutions that we can find that is natural and effective is royal jelly. An easy product to find and that will really help us overcome those difficult cold days.

Also, royal jelly is used in other aspects of health, directly attacking one in particular, for which we make jelly part of our natural diet.

Royal jelly for testosterone

Increasing testosterone levels in men are possible thanks to royal jelly. In the same way that it increases the level of estrogen in menopausal women, royal jelly reduces them, practically eliminates the symptoms of menopause. Honey contains special fats called sterols and these work to alter hormonal functions in the body.

Royal jelly for fatigue

It is an excellent tonic and revitalizing, thanks to its high nutritional value and high energy content, especially for convalescent people with a state of physical and mental fatigue. Royal jelly is widely used by people suffering from anaemia, strengthening the immune system.

Royal jelly for the thyroid

It has the ability to regulate hormonal levels, thus regulating and controlling the glands. If you suffer from thyroid conditions, it is best to have a moderate consumption.

Royal jelly for high blood pressure

It contains calming properties on the blood vessels, which would help reduce high blood pressure in those people who usually suffer, thanks to a large number of antioxidants, including quercetin.

Royal jelly to raise your defences

Always with the climatic season changes or sudden changes in temperature, the organism is affected. Royal jelly is revitalizing, increases defences, improves physical energy and makes you feel better in a short time of consuming it, even in small amounts. You have to take it continuously, but its impact will last over time because it has no immediate effect.

Royal jelly for fertility

Helps in male fertility problems, the intake of royalactin, a protein contained in royal jelly, increases the mobility of sperm, making them more active.

Royal jelly for depression

Natural medicine rewards us with royal jelly to alleviate depression that affects both men and women and children. Thanks to its active components, it manages to reduce or attenuate its effects. It works on the nervous system by promoting the synthesis of tryptophan and thyroxine that is contained in royal jelly

Royal jelly is good for memory

Royalactin is an abundant protein in royal jelly that activates the biological patterns of cells and regenerates tissues that have degenerated due to muscle wasting.

It is used to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's, where the death of neurons occurs, which increases and reduces the volume of the brain.

Royal jelly for colds

This has been Grandma's natural remedy for centuries of humanity. Honey can be mixed with other natural components to fight common diseases, both in children and adults.

It improves cough symptoms, reduces mucus production, royal jelly has many properties, plays an antitussive role, relieves sore throat and helps eliminate mucus, especially if you consume it on an empty stomach.

Royal jelly for psoriasis

When there is a strong sun and people with psoriasis are exposed to it, it becomes torture. Honey soothes the skin by softening it, reduces inflammation and promotes skin regeneration. To use it, honey is applied to the affected area and then washed with plenty of water.

Royal jelly for menopause

Contains equivalent assets that help the body adapt to changes in the menstrual cycle and menopause. Ideally, take it no more than two days in a row and set rest periods.

Royal jelly for migraine

People who consume royal jelly experience a feeling of well-being, tolerating it very well in small doses, making it one of the best natural remedies to prevent migraine headaches.

Royal jelly for anaemia

Royal jelly is credited with a vasodilator action that favours the proliferation of red blood cells, used in anaemia and cardiovascular diseases. Provides essential hydrates to have a good performance, in anaemia cases when there is physical and mental wear

Royal jelly for irritable bowel

It is an energetic food, it optimizes the functions of the organism, improving conditions of the intestinal tract, due to its balanced set of vitamins and minerals.

Royal jelly for insomnia

Pollen is a natural revitalizing vitamin complex, being effective in combating insomnia, regulating circulation and blood pressure, controlling your sleep.

Royal jelly for cold sores

It has antibacterial and antiviral efficacy, due to its 10 HDA content, it is useful to counteract type 1 herpes simplex on the lips, as well as type 2 herpes in the intimate area.

Royal jelly for fibromyalgia

Royal jelly relieves the symptoms suffered by people with fibromyalgia. For this there are ampoules with jelly extracts being made in ampoules, that is, it regulates the alteration of hormones, controlling constipation by helping with walks.

Cosmetic uses of royal jelly


Royal jelly extract has moisturizing, regenerating and anti-hair loss properties. This food is used as a raw material to make all kinds of natural cosmetics such as creams, soaps and gels, which will give your skin its best appearance as well as the silky and shiny appearance of your hair.

Its properties make royal jelly a common ingredient in beauty products, slows down the ageing process, helps regenerate fibres and reinforce the defences against skin bacteria that cause allergies and infections.

Royal jelly for dark circles

The eye contour ages faster than the rest of the skin because the skin in that area is very thin, and it also has a lower concentration of sebaceous glands. It is prone to the appearance of dark circles, which gives us away from the mood, so use small portions of royal jelly and it will not give you away from your age.

Royal jelly for wrinkles

It is rich in lipids and vitamins, so it has the ability to maintain hydration, leaving it soft and elastic. It also has regenerative properties that make it ideal for anti-ageing and skin ageing treatments. Facial skin is fragile, reacting to cold, heat, wind and any other external factor.

Royal jelly for acne

Acne is one of the evils of beauty that is sometimes difficult to control. Honey has always worked to combat it, the easiest way to use it is through homemade masks along with other natural ingredients.

It has antiseptic properties, in addition to working as a regenerator of the skin, it is ideal for controlling blackheads and pimples. In the area of ​​the face where they are, it can be fought with creams based on royal jelly, which allows continuing remodelling of the tissues.

Royal jelly for eyelashes

Nowadays, a mascara with beeswax and royal jelly is used to deeply nourish the eyelashes, reduce the fall, since the eyelashes are a most valued feminine beauty attribute.

Royal jelly for oily skin

Due to the concentration of fat, bags are produced that could be affected by the microparticles that the air carries with creams, gels based on royal jelly, supplemented with lymphatic drainage treatment.

It has excellent properties providing great antioxidant benefits, favours skin regeneration, stimulating cellular metabolism, having anti-inflammatory capacity.

Royal jelly for hair

It is used to nourish the hair, also being able to keep it hydrated. That might be your best-kept trick for silky hair. It is a natural product that gives multiple benefits to the scalp.

Pure royal jelly

pure royal jelly

Pure royal jelly can be a bit more expensive, perhaps due to its natural or fresh state, but it has extensive benefits for your health. By choosing jelly in its pure state, it will be loaded with the best nutrients, complementing an unbalanced diet that does not adapt to the daily energy requirements.

Consumption of pure royal jelly is recommended to control the nerves, as it acts on the central nervous system. In the same way, children benefit from the development of their intellectual faculties. For cosmetic problems, it helps to regenerate damaged skin, scars and combats premature ageing. These are just some of the health problems that royal jelly can help you cope with and stay healthy.

How is pure royal jelly consumed?

Royal jelly in its pure state is unappealing to people. Its astringent and strong flavor makes it not as pleasant as it seems, but it is an excellent option to consume it as fresh as possible. The doses that are managed recommend consuming a little more than 1 gram a day, maintaining a break for at least a week after spending a month in treatment.

If you take it with other foods, it is better to do it first thing in the morning to guarantee the absorption of the nutrients. You can also practice the absorption under the tongue, this way it will be done a little faster.

Pure royal jelly is not miraculous either, you need to combine it with a proper diet. Incorporate some fruits and vegetables into your diet, make it a habit to eat breakfast and snack to reduce anxiety and hunger. In this way, you would help your body absorb all the nutrients, which in some cases could inhibit the absorption of other missing nutrients.

Finally, hydration is a strong point that few people give importance to. By consuming pure royal jelly, the energy in your body rises to such a level that without enough water, the process stops, avoiding achieving the objectives set.

Royal jelly in capsules/tablets

royal jelly in capsules

A food supplement that attributes different necessary nutrients to you to lead a healthy and active life. This will be one of the few vitamin supplements from nature.

The capsules are swallowed on an empty stomach to wait for the greatest effect. Its constant consumption strengthens the immune system, reduces fatigue and increases energy levels in our body. Its main function is to attack the metabolism, being through which many of the functions of the organs are regulated.

Royal jelly in capsule ensures the absorption of all its properties that a few milligrams can provide. Being that its constant consumption will maintain optimal energy levels to cope with the daily activities of a hectic life.

Most children don't like the strong taste of royal jelly, even when dissolved in drinks or other foods. Its astringent and bitter taste means that they cannot bear consuming it every day, the capsules are an excellent option so that they do not lack the properties of royal jelly. Children are by nature very active and need to replenish the energy they expend on their activities every day. A supplement designed for them, although its consumption is not recommended in children under one year of age due to its high concentration.

The only disadvantage of royal jelly capsules is that its concentration is fixed, while fresh royal jelly can decide when to take it, how to take it and enjoy its flavour by dissolving it in water or simply incorporating it in some fruit juices as a natural sweetener.

Contraindications of taking royal jelly in capsules

Royal jelly is healthy, but when trying to take it as a medicine to achieve different health purposes, it is imperative to take some precautions. The capsules are not recommended for women who are pregnant, as well as for children under one year of age.

We also remind you that many people can be allergic to pollen and royal jelly, along with propolis if added, is made up of pollen. This precaution is rather a warning, despite being allergic it is possible to tolerate low amounts of royal jelly or consume it less frequently.

The amount of royal jelly that we can consume in capsule form is around 500 milligrams a day, this limit being adaptable according to the conditions and requirements of each person. In some cases, it is possible to take it diluted, although it is best to consume it as any capsule.

Royal jelly in ampoules

royal jelly in blisters

Royal jelly ampoules contain all the properties of fresh jelly and their nutritional use is adapted to the nutritional needs of each person. Ideally, a daily ampoule should be administered, generally during breakfast, to take advantage of all the energy and nutrients that we will use during the day.

Unlike fresh royal jelly, royal jelly ampoules contain a good proportion of propolis and other preservatives that also provide health benefits such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. They do not alter the formula of royal jelly, which may also contain an aroma to activate the sense of smell and enjoy our food even more.

The advantage of buying royal jelly in ampoules is its ease of adding it to our diet and exactly covering the recommended amount of royal jelly, as well as the nutrients it contains, which have already been measured to satisfy the optimal requirements of the body. The quality with which this product is manufactured is similar to that of any medicine or drug, in which aseptic environments, high technology and qualified personnel are used.

The blisters are fortified with propolis

Propolis is the substance that bees create from the resin contained in trees. The bees collect the substance of the shoots in new growths and of the sap. Then they go through an internal process and form the mixture that we know today as propolis, a substance in which we find mixtures of different substances such as wax, essential oils and pollen.

Each hive has its own unique way of making propolis, mainly due to the variety of trees they can find in their natural environment. The function of this substance is to maintain the sterility of the place they inhabit, protecting the entire hive from suffering diseases that come from outside.

At the nutritional level, propolis contains different types of albumin, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, which enriches the royal jelly contained in the ampoules.

Royal jelly ampoules come in a concentrated form, with the recommended daily requirements ranging from 1000mg to about 2500mg of royal jelly per ampoule. Depending on the version you choose, daily consumption of one ampoule is necessary, which you can dissolve in fruit juices, water or add it to some of your food during breakfast.

Royal jelly vs lyophilized royal jelly, are they the same?


Freeze-dried royal jelly is three times more concentrated than fresh royal jelly. From a nutritional point of view, lyophilization is a process that consists of removing water from the fresh product under vacuum, without the addition of excipients, maintaining the same properties as the fresh version, although in higher concentration.

Its consumption can be given in its pure state, although due to its intense flavour it is better to introduce it or combine it with meals. Fresh jelly for its part is what we can find if we want it to be 100% fresh, however, the difference that we had already pointed out is nothing more than concentration.

When it comes to treating jelly into freeze-dried, one thinks more about sale and distribution than consumption. What facilitates its packaging and other characteristics of purity, in terms of sterility of the substance and impurities of the jelly in its natural state.

Consumption of royal jelly during pregnancy


It is recommended to consult a doctor for the use of royal jelly during pregnancy, although it is a food of natural origin, it provides many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it should not cause any problem.

A pregnant woman who has an increased need for nutrients is in the ideal stage of consuming royal jelly to help speed up her metabolism. Now, if you want to establish continuous consumption, you need to know more about the doses and if it will cause any damage.

A healthy way to integrate it into your diet is to add a little when you go to have tea or fruit juice. I am sure that using a little royal jelly as a sweetener will not harm your health or your baby.

Is it dangerous for him, baby?

In no way is the consumption of royal jelly dangerous for the baby. Due to its composition, royal jelly provides children with energy as a restorative, improving appetite, even to expel the phlegm of babies.

In the long term, if you get used to consuming royal jelly on a regular basis, even if the mother has consumed it since pregnancy, it helps to avoid gestational diabetes and the negative effects that it causes. You would no longer have to worry about your baby being overweight at birth, his blood glucose levels will be normal and he will generally be healthy, without the risk of being born prematurely.

How to properly preserve royal jelly?


It should be kept in closed, dark glass jars to avoid degradation by light and well sealed. It is recommended to store it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 0 to 5 ° C, consume it quickly to avoid loss of properties if stored improperly.

Natural royal jelly is fresher, it can last a long time in storage and keep its flavour intact. Over time it may lose its original texture, but it will keep its properties intact.

Does royal jelly make you fat or slim?


To answer this frequent question, we must start from the fact that royal jelly is sweet, high in nutrients and high in energy. With these characteristics, it is normal for some to think that they can easily gain weight if they consume it.

To dismantle this myth, let's first clarify that more than 65% of royal jelly is made up of water. The energy it provides goes directly to cover the functioning of the body, which is why it is healthier to consume honey than to sweeten it with refined sugar.

Whenever there is an imbalance in eating habits, rest assured that any food that you add to your diet will be perceived as a potential food that will make you fat.

How many calories does royal jelly provide?


Royal jelly contains an average of 266kcal per 100gr of product, it is highly caloric, but mainly contains carbohydrates, that is, it comes in the form of sugars available to be used by the body, with little probability of storing it in fat.

Is royal jelly good for menstrual cramps?


It is known that royal jelly influences the functioning of the glands that secrete hormones. So, menstruation, being a hormonal process, a regular hormonal change, can be controlled by royal jelly.

Nutritional value of royal jelly


A highly energetic food, which also provides a considerable amount of fat, also reserves energy for our body.

The nutritional elements that are present in the highest proportion in royal jelly are vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin A. Other nutrients that stand out are sugars that comprise 60% of the total nutrients. The total protein is less than the number of sugars.

Other nutrients that are in low proportion are vitamin C, iron, vitamin E and calcium.

Side effects of consuming royal jelly


It is a very concentrated substance in nutrients and must be taken with great caution in the dose so that consumption in excess would have contraindications in case of one of the main risks is that the person is allergic to certain types of pollen so they can React with hives including anaphylactic shock must be cautious.

One of the problems would be stomach upsets such as dizziness, nausea, diarrhoea. In extreme cases intestinal bleeding. Asthmatic people may be affected by skin irritation and difficulty in breathing. For no reason, it is recommended for hypertensive patients as it stimulates the nervous system and affects blood pressure and can cause tachycardias.

Royal jelly should be taken moderately in the morning and on an empty stomach, starting with low doses, do not exceed 1000mg daily, treatment should be carried out in 5 or 6 weeks and rest for a minimum of 30 days.



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Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels: All About Royal Jelly: Contraindications, Benefits, Uses and Origin
All About Royal Jelly: Contraindications, Benefits, Uses and Origin
Royal jelly offers various benefits for different parts of the body, due to its effects on cell renewal in the skin, bones and nervous system.
Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels
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