100 professions of the future

100 professions of the future What are the professions of the future The professions of the future are professions at the intersection of se...

100 professions of the future

100 professions of the future

What are the professions of the future

The professions of the future are professions at the intersection of several disciplines that will appear in 15–20 years. Such professions will complement or replace existing ones.

For example, truck drivers will be replaced by unmanned vehicles. The car will drive itself, and the person will develop, control and maintain this transport. At the same time, the profession of a drone operator will appear, and the scope of jurisprudence will expand to unmanned vehicles.

Here are some professions of the future:

  • Online Therapist

  • genetic engineer

  • Biopharmacologist

  • Architect of "green" cities

  • time manager

  • igromaster

  • media cop

  • Space tourism guide

  • Eco-analyst in the extractive industries

Why follow the professions of the future

If you do not master the profession of the future now, you will be replaced by a robot or artificial intelligence, so in the future, you will be left without a job. According to the report Jobs of Tomorrow [1], more than 75 million people in the world may lose their jobs due to robotization and automation.

Oxford believes [2] that robots will perform half of all routine work in 15–20 years. At the same time, 53% of workers are sure [3] that their work will change a lot or become obsolete in the next ten years, and 77% of people will be retrained and change their profession. Not everyone will be taken into the future.

What is included in the catalogue of professions of the future

To understand the professions of the future, you need to study them. RBC Trends studied the forecasts of futurologists and researchers around the world and compiled their own list of 100 professions of the future. The list includes realistic professions that have already appeared or will appear before 2030 in 19 industries.

We talk about the professions of the future in a minute and a half

The task of extending human life and improving its quality will require specialists of the widest profile: from doctors treating patients at a distance, and personal health managers to professionals in the field of genetics and transplantation.

Professions of the future in medicine

To prolong life and improve its quality, specialists of the widest profile will be required: from doctors who treat patients at a distance, and personal health managers to professionals in the field of genetics and transplantology.

  1. An online therapist is a doctor who conducts a preliminary diagnosis of a patient in order to identify signs of illness in him and send him to the right specialist. He checks how the therapy is going and recommends measures for disease prevention online.

  2. An expert in personalized medicine is, in fact, an ordinary attending physician, but with in-depth knowledge of genetics: he knows how to conduct and interpret DNA tests.

  3. A bioethicist is a specialist at the intersection of medicine, technology and law. Organizes communication between a person or his relatives and doctors, lawyers, and geneticists in order to solve complex biomedical cases.

  4. Cyberprosthesis and Implant Developer is a medical engineer who works with designers and roboticists to create bionic prostheses.

  5. A brain implant specialist is a person who designs, selects, configures, and maintains devices that are connected to, or even placed inside, a patient's head.

  6. A medical marketer is a specialist in the market promotion of companies and enterprises in the healthcare sector.

  7. genetic engineer

  8. Biohacking and Programmed Health Specialist

  9. medical robot operator

Professions of the future in ecology

Environmentalists will soon be influencing local weather and the global climate. They will fight pollution of the planet wisely and profitably, and even learn how to give accurate short-term forecasts for earthquakes and other natural disasters.

  1. Ecological Footprint Reduction Specialists

  2. Eco -evangelist is an educator and mentor in the field of environmental protection and conscious consumption. Can work both with organizations and with individuals, for example, with schoolchildren.

  3. Green transport engineer

  4. Recycling Specialist

  5. urban gardener

  6. Eco leader

  7. An eco-auditor is an independent expert who checks the environmental friendliness of enterprises, buildings and other infrastructure and facilities.

Jobs of the future in information technology

IT is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. Digital technologies have penetrated into all spheres of human life. We are surrounded by data, so the field of information technology guarantees jobs for specialists who know how to work with them: from data journalists to data architects.

  1. An IT evangelist is a promoter of breakthrough technologies: he talks about breakthroughs in the field of IT to the widest possible audience.

  2. A data journalist is a specialist who analyzes and collects big data in order to prepare articles, notes and other formats of journalistic materials, including interactive ones, based on them.

  3. Head of Digital Transformation

  4. data architect

  5. A digital linguist is a specialist in data processing in languages ​​that are natural for algorithms and neural networks.

  6. IT and AI ethicists is an expert dealing with the ethical issues of algorithms and artificial: from the responsibility of AI for illegal actions to the recognition of intelligence of its intellectual property rights.

  7. Digital Waste Disposer

Professions of the future in biotechnology

An industry that stands at the junction of animate and inanimate nature. Experts predict limitless opportunities to create completely new microorganisms that will help make significant breakthroughs in medicine, biology and related fields. Biotechnology will help solve the problems of mankind with the help of living systems. For example, to create new sources of energy, materials and genes.

  1. Biopharmacologist

  2. Synthetic biology engineer

  3. Cyber ​​Organism Designer

  4. Extinct Species Restoration Specialist  - A geneticist who specializes in recreating extinct species of fauna.

Jobs of the future in robotics

About 68% of world-class entrepreneurs believe [4] that the future of business is the joint work of humans and artificial intelligence. People are increasingly transferring heavy, dangerous, monotonous and ultra-precise work to machines. But the success of global robotization will be directly related to the success of robotics - those people who will invent and give a "profession" to "smart" assistants who accompany a person from birth to old age.

  1. Robot developer

  2. Lawyer in the field of robotics

  3. Robotic systems operator

  4. Composite engineer

Professions of the future in agriculture

Modern technologies - genetics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robots - will free millions of people employed in agriculture from heavy physical labour. They will transfer the cultivation of vegetables and fruits from the fields to mini-farms on the roofs of urban high-rise buildings and forever remove the problem of the mass slaughter of livestock. For example, meat grown in a test tube from a single animal cell or printed on a 3D printer will repeat all the taste qualities of the original.

  1. Agro-cybernetic

  2. GMO agronomist

  3. 3D food printing engineer

  4. The operator of automated agricultural machinery

  5. agricultural ecologist

Professions of the future in transport

Safety, sustainability and AI logistics are the main engines of change in the transport sector of the future. Ground services will remotely control the unmanned sea and airliners. Drivers of urban transport will be able to find the shortest route using the prompts of "smart" roads and literally fly around rare traffic jams.

  1. Designer of new modes of transport

  2. professional drone pilot

  3. Lawyer in the field of unmanned vehicles

  4. Cross logistics operator

  5. unmanned aircraft engineer

Jobs of the future in energy and resources

The faster minerals are depleted, the more actively humanity is looking for a replacement - new and renewable energy sources. Experts in this industry will learn how to generate energy using the weather or the movement of the human body, stopping the destruction of the planet.

  1. Alternative and renewable energy specialist

  2. Meteoenergy

  3. Wearable Energy Designer

  4. Eco-analyst in the extractive industries

  5. energy system developer

Professions of the future in construction

Clean materials, robotics and artificial intelligence will change the way we build entire cities. Architects are already thinking about the energy consumption of houses so that they provide themselves with the help of wind, sun and groundwater. Buildings can be assembled from ready-made elements printed on a 3D printer, and order "smart" technology will become as commonplace as choosing new wallpaper and curtains.

  1. BIM design

  2. smart home infrastructure designer

  3. Specialist in restructuring, strengthening old building structures

  4. 3D printing designer in the construction

  5. The architect of "green" cities is a specialist who designs buildings, neighbourhoods and entire cities, taking into account environmental requirements and with an eye to the principles of sustainable development.

Professions of the future in the light industry

The fashion industry of the future will directly depend on advances in related high-tech fields. For example, light industry specialists will teach shoes and clothes to recharge numerous gadgets built into an everyday wardrobe. It is they who will make jeans and sneakers “wash out” on the go and help you print clothes exactly according to your own figure.

  1. Technostylist

  2. New fabric designer

  3. Clothing Recycling Specialist is an environmentalist with a background in materials science who develops and implements technologies for the optimal recycling of old clothes.

Professions of the future in the social sphere

Not every person will be able to confidently keep up with the changes that the world is waiting for on the threshold of a new reality. Experts will come to the rescue to help you find a common language with advanced contemporaries, "smart" machines and representatives of other cultures. For example, public moderators will become mediators between conflicting parties or people with completely different views.

  1. Mediator of social conflicts

  2. Specialist in adapting people with disabilities to work on the Internet

  3. social moderator

  4. Migrant Adaptation Specialist

  5. Crowdsourcing Specialist for Public Issues

Security professions of the future

In a world that has rapidly become more dependent on data, the security of that data is becoming an important priority. According to the Cyberedge Group, in 2019, 78% of IT professionals reported cyberattacks [5]. The Myers-Briggs Company poll gives a figure of 64% [6]. The World Economic Forum in 2019 named cyber attacks and online fraud among the main problems facing society. Therefore, the professions in the field of security for the most part will be related to the security of these companies and individuals.

  1. Cyber ​​Security Specialist

  2. cyber explorer

  3. Specialist in overcoming systemic environmental disasters

  4. personal security designer

  5. Auditor and Security Coordinator

Professions of the future in business and finance

Blockchain and cryptocurrency will become commonplace in finance and business. At the same time, other assets are becoming more valuable: time, intellectual property, insights and strategies. To adapt in the future, businesses will have to learn to understand and predict it, make quick decisions and deal with change.

  1. multicurrency translator

  2. Cryptocurrency bank operator

  3. Intellectual property appraiser

  4. Personal pension plan developer

  5. Talent investment fund manager

  6. A trend watcher is a specialist who studies changes in the economy, politics, science, culture and public life, and then, based on their analysis, issues strategic recommendations to businesses.

  7. Corporate Anthropologist

  8. time manager

  9. Venture Capital Corporate Portfolio Manager

Professions of the future related to children's goods and services

Children greatly influence society as a whole. For example, favourite cartoons and video games shape the values, interests and vision of the world of the future generation. Therefore, services and products for the children of the future will be developed as educational products. Children remain the key to the future for big companies and brands, but more importantly, for global intelligence and humanity.

  1. An expert on the image of the unborn child  - helps schoolchildren to form personal development trajectories, and selects courses, circles and sections in proportion to their interests and abilities. In fact, an expert at the intersection of career guidance and pedagogy.

  2. transmedia product architect

  3. Children's R&D Specialist

  4. Children's robotics designer

Professions of the future education

Now we live in the context of continuous learning - the concept of lifelong learning. Constantly learning and teaching will require new tools and approaches. The general educational system of education will inevitably give way to a personal approach to each pupil and student. At the same time, mentors and tutors of the future will recognize and develop the talents of each individual from an early age.

  1. Educational trajectory developer

  2. igromaster

  3. Author of educational courses based on AI

  4. Personal guide for education and career development

  5. A mind fitness trainer is a specialist who helps develop the client's cognitive skills using special techniques.

  6. Talent search and development expert

Professions of the future in mass media

In the work of specialists in entertaining and informing people, it is not so much the content that becomes more important, but the form of its presentation at the junction of real and fictional worlds. And the joint work of cultural figures and artificial intelligence is being transformed into a separate area of ​​mass media.

  1. info stylist

  2. A virtual world designer is a specialist in the creation of fictional realities and metaverses.

  3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Engineer

  4. Professions at the intersection of creative industries and artificial intelligence

  5. A media police officer is a law enforcement officer on the Internet. Fights illegal content, cybercriminals, including those who commit crimes against a person (cyberbullying, stalking, Internet fraud).

  6. Media software developer

  7. A cross-cultural communication manager is a specialist who helps multinational corporations work with foreign partners, taking into account the various cultural characteristics of this market.

Professions of the future in culture and art

The more people will transfer routine work to machines, the more people will begin to create copyright works of art. People will focus more on creativity, exploration, and communication with other people and nature, rather than on satisfying basic needs. Entire professional sectors will change, but new jobs will appear in the field of culture and art. At the same time, art will play a more important role in related areas: education, tourism, and mass media.

  1. science artist

  2. collective art curator

  3. Art Appraiser

Professions of the future in tourism and hospitality

The world's economies are growing, so more people can afford to travel. There will be more tourists, but there are no more places on Earth. The tourism industry will face the challenge of satisfying the needs of travellers and making sure they come back again. This will require rethinking the approach to travel planning and organization, customer service and space design.

  1. The director of individual tours is a specialist who develops recreation programs based on the needs and capabilities of a particular person. All the time of the tour, he stays in touch and accompanies clients virtually.

  2. Robotics Concierge

  3. Developer of intelligent tourism systems

Professions of the future in space

What science fiction writers have been dreaming about for so long can come true in the coming decades - humanity will begin to conquer deep space.

  1. commercial spacecraft pilot

  2. A guide in the field of space tourism is a specialist in the development and selection of a program for space travellers, accompanies a tourist or a group during a trip and conducts an excursion.

  3. Life support systems engineer

  4. Narrow specialists in the field of space

How to master the profession of the future

To choose the profession of the future, focus on the professions on the list that employers are already looking for. For example, being an info stylish sounds nice, but it won't help you find a new job this year. But a medical marketer is a profession of the future with real demand in the present. If you decide to change your professional area, dedicate a year to mastering a new one, throwing all your strength into existing skills.




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Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels: 100 professions of the future
100 professions of the future
Urdu Soft Books: Well-researched and Best Quality Trending Articles | Famous Urdu Books and Novels
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