We will not talk about the usefulness of SSD-memory in laptops, in our opinion, it is undeniable. What if the manufacturer did not install the SSD in your specific model? Is it possible to change the course of history, and do it yourself? Oh sure. We tell you how to do this without the help of specialists.
How to Install an SSD In A Laptop Do It Yourself

An SSD is primarily useful for those who work with photos and videos or play on a laptop since the use of this type of memory seriously reduces the download speed. Installing an SSD in the service costs about 3,000 rubles. With your own hands, everything can be done an order of magnitude cheaper. You can order electronic components, for example, on eBay or Amazon store.
  • A special utility that will transfer the OS, applications, and data from the HDD, which you have to the new SSD-drive
  • 2.5 ”HDD / SSD adapter that will be compatible with your laptop
  • 2.5 ”Standard Size SSD

  • You can cope with the choice of an SSD drive yourself because here it is more a matter of taste and specific tasks that you need to solve with this operation. The only rule: it is not worth trifling, it is better to choose an SSD of at least 120 GB. On the SSD, we will move the operating system and programs. For optimal operation of the drive, it should also have at least 20% free space, so the disk must be taken with a margin.
    The adapter is a kind of “tray” where the remote HDD will be located. The condition for its purchase is the thickness of the drive. The two most common configurations are 9.5 mm and 12.7 mm. One of the leaders in this industry is adapters from Espada. If you already have an adapter, but it does not dock with the HDD, then perhaps the appropriate connectors will fix the matter.


    • Make sure the laptop is turned off and not connected to the network.
    • Turn it over and remove the battery.
    • Now you need to find the cover that covers the HDD-drive. The cover may be under the plug, so first, you need to remove it, and then go to the screws. They, as a rule, are from 1 to 5. Carefully disconnect the cable from the HDD and take it out without sudden movements.
    • In place of the HDD, we put the SSD-drive and assemble the design.
    • Install the HDD in a special slot on the adapter.
    • We proceed to the removal of the drive. We are looking for a block with the corresponding icon on the cover and removes the plug and screw. After that, the optical drive can be removed. To do this, next to the physical button there is a small hole where you should push with a needle to safely remove the optical drive.
    • Separate the front bezel with the button from the tray. It should easily attach to the side of the adapter, opposite from the connection point.
    • Now that the HDD has taken its place in the adapter, it can be installed in the former place of the CD-ROM. Do not forget about screws and plugs when restoring laptop integrity.
    • Turn on the laptop. The system itself should start a search for new equipment and find the drivers. Now you need to transfer the OS and programs from the HDD to the SSD. Any utility can handle this, but remember the supply of free space. You can calculate how much you need by the current boot drive C.