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Beginning Android Web Apps Development

July 06, 2015

Beginning Android Web Apps Development

Beginning Android Web Apps Development

Beginning Android Web Apps Development download in PDF format. After reading Beginning Android Web Apps Development PDF you'll figure out how to apply HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Ajax and other Web guidelines for utilization on the Android versatile stage, by building a mixed bag of fun and outwardly invigorating diversions and other web applications! On the off chance that you've done some essential web advancement, and you need to manufacture your abilities to make outstanding web applications, you'll discover all that you look for in the examinations and cases in this book. 

Every application you'll assemble according Beginning Android Web Application Development will reveal to you results that you can apply to large portions of your own activities. Every sample offers procedures and coding results that will motivate your work. 

You'll figure out how to tie your Android applications into Twitter through two applications that you'll manufacture: Who's that Tweet?!, a test diversion focused around superstar records, and I Love Ham, a coding examination concerning search queries and rhyming. 

Your Android web application advancement abilities will then move ahead in an alternate heading, as you run across the force of Html5 in two amusement applications: Scavenger Hunt, which acquaints you with the Html5 GPS area API, and Spies!, an area based application that demonstrates to you proper methodologies to utilize Css3, Ajax, and Html5 inside multi-player situations. 

You'll likewise make an Android web application which checks the landing time of transports and light-rails through the utilization of Portland, Oregon's open Tri-Met information API! This application is an extraordinary layout for different applications you may need to assemble later on, and showcases the imperative procedures for consolidating cloud-based applications into web recreations. 

In the wake of perusing Beginning Android Web Apps Development, you will have constructed genuine applications and created along the way the aptitudes you'll have to make very intuitive, proficient web applications and, your adventure will be captivating and pleasant!

What you’ll learn

  • Coding solutions that you can use time and again in your own Android web apps
  • Key methods and techniques for contemporary Android web app development
  • How to take full advantage of CSS3 in the mobile environment and how to handle a multitude of screen resolutions
  • How to build feature-rich user interfaces with navigation, colors, and professional styling
  • How to add audio and video for highly interactive sites
  • How to optimize Ajax within your site
  • How to access and use the HTML location API 
  • How to integrate JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks into your site

Who this book is for

For anybody beginning in Android web application advancement who needs to manufacture characteristic rich web applications that are enhanced for the Android versatile stage. On the off chance that you've got fundamental web improvement abilities, you'll discover the code specimens and exchanges in this book will take your strategies to a totally distinctive level.

Table of Contents

1. Harnessing the Power of Mobile Web

2. Twitter Application: Who's That Tweet?

3. Twitter Application: I Love Ham

4. Creating a Mobile Strategy and Structuring your Code

5. Handling Multiple Screen Resolutions with CSS 3

6. Handling Different Browser Platforms 

7. Providing an Impressive User Experience with jQuery Mobile

8. Building Visually Rich Internet Applications

9. HTML5 Location-Based Applications

10. Using Cloud Services: A Transport Application

11. Pushing the Limits with Audio and Video

12. Ajax and Extreme User Interfaces

13. Packaging Your Applications

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